We take pride in providing our clients with 100% quality, 100% of the time. We have invested in state of the art technology which delivers precision and quality. In addition, our laborers have the required competencies and experience to successfully adapt production to your specific needs and wishes. Our office team is reliable, thorough, friendly and available and are there to make your United Brands Marketing GmbH experience as easy as possible.

OUR PART FOR THE PLANET United Brands Marketing GmbH has an eco friendly approach and works hard at providing sustainable materials and ingredients for all our products: -All of our pens can be recycled as they are made from Polypropylene (PP) -The luxury ink formulas in all of our pens only contain food colorants, making the ink toxin, nickel free and kind on even the most sensitive of skins.

The standard double cap makes our pens air tight, ensuring a 36 month shelf life. Once the seal is broken, the product can be used within the 12 following months.

The Duo-Tip used in the entirety of our pens means that you have a double use applicator. It works by turning the tip and using the other end if the tip is partly damaged or clogged by previous make up applications.

The entire process of production is carefully monitored and tested. We systematically test the ink in its different production phases and upon its completion. A sample of each batch is then sent off to an external company for microbiological testing. We are then sent an analysis report and certification that the product contains no microbiological imperfections. A written report of the micro logical cleanness is sent to each customer when the order is ready for shipment.

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